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One in the Spirit

One in the Spirit is a diocesan-wide initiative focused on increasing our capacity to expand relationships and deepen connections across differences in order to strengthen our shared commitment to follow Jesus.  We are here to serve you as members of our community, so we’d like to hear your views on the state of our world.

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* 1. Please share your level of agreement with the following statements about our world, our country, and our church:

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
I am concerned that there is a heightened level of tension in the US today
I'm aware that the tense political climate in the US will get better in time, without intervention.
I believe Christians are called to help heal the world.
The church should not get involved in contentious social issues.
The church can play an important role in helping to build understanding between social groups.

Question Title

* 2. Do you think division in the US has increased in the last few years?

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