Thank you for taking time to respond to the second public survey for the Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street Visioning Process. This survey will ask you about draft vision statements for the area as well as your preferences and ideas related to specific design elements. 

Project Description 

The Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street, between 3rd and 6th Streets downtown, are ready for catalytic transformation. From 2019-2023, CCDC has more than $10M in capital improvement project funding dedicated to investments in this area. With a few nearby projects already underway, CCDC is in the middle of an inclusive community-driven visioning process to develop a placemaking strategy for the Old Boise Blocks on Grove that will further energize and activate one of Boise’s original neighborhoods. Key stakeholders and the general public are invited to be partners in transforming this area into a space that is unique and beloved. More information can be found online at

Project Area

The Old Boise Blocks project area consists of eight city blocks along the east end of Grove Street, adjacent to Boise’s downtown core. The project area includes properties on the east side of 3rd Street to Capitol Boulevard and is bounded by Main and Front Streets on the north and south. Within this project area, particular focus is given to Grove Street itself between 3rd and 5th Streets, and the properties immediately adjacent to the street. The Boise City Canal runs underground along the north side of Grove Street through the project area. Boise's Basque Block is located on Grove Street, between Capital and 6th Street, at the west end of the project area. 

This survey is 16 questions long and should take around 12 minutes to complete.