Old Age - Our Future Continuing the Conversation webinar: Participation Opportunities

Earlier this year,  the Pontifical Academy for Life released an 11-page "note" titled, "Old Age: Our Future. The Elderly After the Pandemic," which calls us to respond to the needs of elders. To continue the conversation that began this summer with a four-webinar series CHA, the Community of Sant’ Edgidio and Catholic Charities USA co-sponsored, we are inviting all interested to further discuss how we, as church, volunteers, agencies and service providers can help our older neighbors age in place.

This is our opportunity to set an agenda that can help make aging in place more attainable by looking at our church and how it welcomes and offers services for older parishioners and at our communities with its organizations and volunteers concerned about the needs of our aging neighbors.

Please let us know if you would be willing to participate in this event, either through a brief presentation or a recorded interview with an elderly person.

Question Title

* 1. I would like to spend five minutes describing how I am supporting older people.

Question Title

* 2. My program/volunteer work includes:

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* 3. I can record a brief interview – or recommend someone to interview – who is able to stay at home despite some frailty or limitations. 

Sample interview questions:

·  What does it mean to you to be able to stay in your home, in your community?
·  Who or what helps you to stay independent?
·  What is one additional support that would help you in the weeks and months to come?
·  What are barriers to what you might want to do (such as go to church/faith community)? What would help you to overcome the barrier?