1. Help Identify Cat Colonies in the Central Okanagan: from Peachland to Lake Country, BC

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The Okanagan Cat Coalition (OKCC) is an new organization of concerned animal welfare charities, veterinarians and residents dedicated to working together, and with the public, to permanently solve the existing cat crisis in the Central Okanagan.  We propose to do this by locating abandoned cats and feral cat colonies, humanely trapping, spaying or neutering, permanently marking, then re-homing or releasing them into a safe environment to live out their lives without perpetuating the overpopulation problem. 

You can help simply by completing this brief questionnaire (5-10 minutes) which will cover the following subject matter:

1. Provide the location of known cat colonies (cats living and reproducing with no apparent owner).
2. Let us know how you can Volunteer : Trapping, transportation, cat colony maintenance (providing food, water and monitoring), fostering, volunteer training or administration.
3. Let us know if you can donate: food, veterinary care, shelter or litter box structures, traps or other supplies. 
4. Donate funds to the member charity of your choice to help pay for the spays, neuters and ID's and receive a tax-deductible donation receipt.
5. Consider homing and/or care-taking on your property once cats are fixed.

If you know of more than one colony please fill in Question 11, or submit separate questionnaires for each one.

The OKCC is 100% Volunteer run. OKCC is a coalition of registered animals charities, non-profit groups, Veterinarians and concerned citizens.
New members and volunteers are welcome.  Please go to our Facebook page  "Okanagan Cat Coalition" for more information and meeting dates.

The founding members are:

Kelowna Branch BC SPCA
Okanagan Humane Society
T.R.A.C.S The Responsible Animal Care Society
AlleyCats Alliance

Drs. Moshe & Noa Oz, Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Marco Veenis,Okanagan Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Steve Wilson, Lakeshore Animal Clinic

...and many concerned citizens like yourself.

(Established January 2015)