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Award Nominations are Due March 12, 2021

There are many people who deserve recognition for their outstanding efforts on behalf of women! Now is your chance to honor them by nominating them for an AAWCC National award. Nominations are now being accepted for the following AAWCC awards:

·    The AAWCC 2020 Carolyn Desjardins CEO Award for Outstanding Service and Support to AAWCC
·    The AAWCC 2020 Mildred Bulpitt Woman of the Year Award
·    The AAWCC 2020Trustee of the Year Award Submissions are due 

Read the guidelines for nominations and the award titles/qualifications, select the award for which you are submitting a nomination, and provide the requested information about your nominee. Each AAWCC member is entitled to submit one person in each category. The 2021 AAWCC Awardees will be featured on our website and at our annual AAWCC National Awards Breakfast (Tentatively April 11, 2021, Nashville, TN) as part of the annual AACC Live Convention along with other marketing opportunities.

1.   Complete all questions in the form.
2.  Each nominating statement should detail clearly the nominee’s accomplishments, how they are noteworthy, and why she/he/ze is deserving of the honor. Limit statement to typed 1 page, double- spaced attachment.
3.  At least one external supporting artifact (i.e. news article), and no more than four, appearing within the last five years, should accompany the nominating statement to confirm the nomination. Only PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF files are supported. Business cards, social media, or internal organizational items cannot be considered.
4.  A complete resume of the nominee is required.
5.  All entries will become the property of AAWCC (please do not send any materials which must be returned).
6.  Entries will be judged not only on the merits of the nominee but also on the clarity of statement and adherence to criteria.

Carolyn Desjardins CEO Award for Outstanding Service and Support to AAWCC QUALIFICATIONS: She/He/Ze should have met at least five of the following criteria:
1.  Donated an exceptional amount of staff time to achieving AAWCC goals and/or meeting organizational needs.
2. Actively sponsored and/or promoted AAWCC philosophical issues that concern women.
3. Absorbed organizational costs or provided space for AAWCC activities.
4. Co-sponsored a major AAWCC event.
5. Lobbied on behalf of AAWCC and its goals (e.g., AACC, other councils, legislators, etc.).
6. Housed and supported AAWCC board meetings.
7. Campaigned to encourage other presidents to become institutional members of AAWCC.

Mildred Bulpitt Woman of the Year Award QUALIFICATIONS:
1.   The Mildred B. Bulpitt Woman of the Year must be a living woman who has an outstanding record of service to women in the two-year college setting.
2.  She should be a woman whose service to women in two-year colleges deserves national recognition as a role model for two-year college women throughout the country.
3.  She does not have to be a member of AAWCC, but only AAWCC members may submit nominations.
4.  She should be actively engaged in work at, or service to, a two-year college. AAWCC board members and former award recipients are ineligible.

Trustee of the Year Award QUALIFICATIONS:
1.     Serves as a current or past Board of Trustee member for a community college.
2.     Has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the college in addition to their role as a Trustee.
3.    Actively supports issues that concern women.
4.    Has demonstrated exceptional leadership and is an inspiration to women on her/his campus.

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* 5. Nominating Statement (Maximum length, one standard double spaced page), Supporting clip(s), Resume of Nominee and Headshot. Attach a pdf, doc or docx.

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