Office Bearers Details

To enable us to communicate with, and offer assistance to, the office-bearers in your P&C, please complete the details below.
Your privacy is important to us. We will only use this information for official Council communications from us to you - our members!

 If positions are not filled at your AGM please write “vacant” in the name field.

* 2. Date of Annual General Meeting


* 3. President Contact Details

It is essential that we have a current valid phone number for your P&C President.

* 4. Secretary Contact Details

* 5. Treasurer Contact Details

* 6. Council Delegate 1 Contact Details

* 7. Alternate Council Delegate 1 Contact Details

* 8. Council Delegate 2 Contact Details (if applicable - see note at # below)

# Number of Delegates: Primary Schools; 1 delegate & 1 alternate delegate; all Other Schools; 2 delegates & 2 alternate delegates.

* 9. Alternate Council Delegate 2 Contact Details (if applicable)

* 10. Is your P&C a registered charity? (Registered with the ACNC - the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission)

If you are unsure about the charity status of your P&C, see the information here on how to find out.

* 11. Does your P&C provide any of the following services/programs?

* 12. If your P&C operates a canteen, who is the best contact person for information relating to canteens?

Thanks for letting us know about your new P&C Committee! You will hear more from us shortly, and Council is always available to help you with all questions relating to your P&C.