The Questionnaire

The Odysseus Project is developing a decision support system (Open Dynamic System or ODYS) to support the management of energy supply, demand and storage in urban areas using an open integration platform. We would like to gather the views from experts in urban and building energy efficiency, ICT software development, the utility service sector, city and facilities management, urban design and planning.

Your input is important to help us validate the initial requirements capture by the cities of Rome and Manchester. We want to ensure that the system is applicable to urban areas across Europe. The questionnaire should take 15 mins maximum. Your responses will be anonymous and we can share the results on request. You may want to visit the project's website before undertaking the quesionnaire - it is open until the first week in February.

Odysseus is funded through the E.C.’s FP7 objective EEB-ICT-2011.6.5 ICT for energy positive neighbourhoods (Grant ID: 600059).

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