Welcome to the Connected Youth Initiative Transitional Services Survey!

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Please complete this survey by yourself to the best of your ability. All parts should be completed. The answers you provide will help us learn more about the experiences of young people in Nebraska and make sure the services you are receiving are helping you and others.

If you are in Omaha, Lincoln, or the Panhandle, only Connected Youth Initiative/Nebraska Children staff and staff of the agencies you are involved with will have access to your individual answers. If you are in another location in Nebraska, and have agreed to share this data, your information will also be shared with the external evaluators for the Social Innovation Fund. In all cases, every effort will be made to protect your privacy. Other than that, your answers will only be shared in a group with all the other answers combined (without your name attached).

If you would like more info or want to find out about the results of the survey, please contact Claire at cbuddenberg@nebraskachildren.org.

Please note that items marked with an asterisk * require a response.

***Important Note: Do NOT take the Transitional Services Survey more than once per survey month (April and October). If you have already taken this survey this month, your responses the second time will be discarded. 

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