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The Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) is studying how to improve the accessibility of shared mobility services for persons with disabilities. Shared mobility refers to the short-term use of a shared vehicle, typically via smartphone application. The four types of shared mobility services in Oakland are:

Bike sharing: Bay Wheels (formerly Ford GoBike) provides 800 shared bikes and electric bikes at 80 stations around the City. 
Image of Bay Wheels electric bike share unit. Bay Wheels offers short term bicycle and adaptive cycle rentals in Oakland.

Scooter sharing: Lime, Bird and Lyft each provide up to 1,000 electric scooters.
Image of two riders operating e-scooters in an Oakland bike lane. Scooter share allows users to rent electric assisted standing and seated scooters.

Car sharing: GIG Car Share offers about 450 cars for one-way trips. ZipCar and Getaround offer dozens of cars for round-trips.
Image of user starting GIG Car Share ride with the smartphone app. Car share allows users to rent cars for both short term and multiday trips.

Ride hailing: Uber and Lyft offer on-demand car trips provided by a driver.
Image of Uber app. Ride hailing services allow users to summon a driver to take them to their next destination.

Your feedback will help OakDOT determine how to improve accessibility of shared mobility services. One example of this is the Adaptive Bike Share Pilot Program, now offering short-term rental of adaptive cycles at Lake Merritt. The program is intended for people with disabilities and those who are not comfortable using traditional, two-wheeled Bay Wheels (formerly Ford GoBikes). The adaptive cycles available include: hand cycles, three-wheeled trikes and side-by-side tandems.

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