An improved Oxboro Library is coming your way!

Tell us what you think about Oxboro Library to help us with our planning.

* 1. How often do you visit Oxboro Library? Choose one.

* 2. What time of day do you visit Oxboro Library? Choose all that apply.

* 3. What do you do at Oxboro Library? Choose all that apply.

* 4. How long do you usually stay at Oxboro Library? Choose one.

* 5. Please rank the library's need for each feature.

  low priority high priority
Places for conversation
Places that are quiet
Places for solitude, quiet study
Places for collaboration
Places for creating
Places for quiet reading
Comfortable seating for adults
Comfortable seating for teens
Comfortable seating for families
Children's play area
Children's computers
Public "living room"
Accessibility features for people with disabilities (vision, hearing, accessibility, learning)
Teen space
Teen computers
Teen lounge areas
Teen electronics/gaming space
Adult computer tables
A place that makes me proud of my community
A place that reflects my community
A place that supports my community
Tables with plug-in for my laptop/electronic device
Enclosed spaces to study/meet
Open spaces to study/meet
Collaborative learning area, technology enabled
Makerspaces for music, multimedia production
Makerspaces for technology
Meeting room(s) for small groups (2-4 people)
Meeting room(s) for medium groups (4-6 people)