The Oregon Winegrowers Association is collecting data on herbicide drift incidents in vineyards. If you suspect herbicide drift damage, please complete the survey to the best of your knowledge. This survey will only be used internally by the OWA to help quantify the magnitude of the problem and demonstrate the need for action to prevent herbicide drift. If the OWA needs to share specific information with stakeholders you will be contacted in advance. Any questions or additional details should be directed to or 503-228-8336.

Please visit the Oregon Department of Agriculture's website to formally report a loss:

* 1. What date(s) did the incident occur?

* 2. What is the potential drift source (e.g. ag, forestry, right-of-way)?

* 3. Which chemicals were involved (if known from the drift source or ODA; otherwise leave blank)?

* 4. How much acreage was affected and what was the severity of the damage?

* 5. What actions were taken by the vineyard (e.g. talking to neighbors, reporting to ODA, filing proof of loss, split sampling/private lab testing)?

* 6. Please provide the vineyard name, location, point of contact and phone number or email address.