Questions/concerns contact organizer Siobhan Burke, or 630-699-0281

* 1. At OSU we have had some people removed from email lists when we adopted a new email system. Are you receiving emails about meetings and union events?

* 2. We are working on an OSU budget analysis that will compare raises for different groups of workers, and administrative bloat. Is this an important priority to you?

* 3. Inclement weather and unpaid leave is a top issue on campus. Can you be part of a committee to organize around that?

* 4. We are also studying people being moved into non-represented, non-management positions out of the bargaining unit. Do you have experience with that in  your unit/department?

* 5. We hear that temp agencies and temps are being hired instead of adequate full-time staff. Is this something you're experiencing in your worksite?

* 6. Are students doing bargaining unit work in your department?

* 7. We know that there are ineffective managers on campus. Are you facing this? If yes, explain.

* 8. For UHDS employees: We have heard from some workers that the Eco2Go program is not being managed well for workers dealing with the containers. Would you be interested in working on this issue? Please include your email below if you are interested.

* 9. If you work in a business center or other unit impacted by the Baker Tilly review, please list concerns and feedback on this process. Some concerns we have heard but need more details on include lack of uniformity across business center, lack of training for departmental contacts, student workers doing different tasks, and sometimes bargaining work, workload, pay inadequate to recruit and retain workers. Please detail and add your email and name if you can help compile this information.

* 10. We want to be more effective on campus and we need your help to do that. Can you help in any of these areas?

* 11. If we have a meeting or event when is the best time for you to attend?

* 12. Are you interested in helping organize these other issues? If yes please provide your email.

* 13. What other issues are you interested in, in your worksite or in your community?

* 14. Name

* 15. Worksite

* 16. Email

* 17. Cell Phone

* 18. I want to receive text messages about events and meetings.