Cloud Providers in Open Source

The Linux Foundation has been commissioned to gauge how open source developers and users perceive major Cloud solutions providers that create and deploy open source software.   These firms – Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and VMware – are known to be significant users of open source to support the products and services that they create.  They also contribute to a range of open source projects and technologies. 

This short survey (12 questions) gives developers and users of open source an opportunity to express opinions about these companies with regard to their participation in the global open source community.
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First, we’d like to learn a bit about you – what you do and how you participate in open source:

Question Title

* 1. What is your current job role? (multiple answers permitted)

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* 2. In which types of OSS projects do you typically participate and/or use? (multiple answers permitted)

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* 3. Please list the current top three open source projects in which you actively participate and/or use : (please provide project names)