* 1. Where do you feel your organization's board need the most education?

Please rate in order of importance, with "1" being the most important

* 2. Has your organization ever been granted 501(c)(3) status from the IRS?

* 3. Does your organization have paid staff?

* 4. How many volunteers currently work for your organization?

* 5. Does your organization accept or solicit public donations?

* 6. If your organization accepts donations, is it registered as a Charity in WA State?

* 7. Have you attended a Secretary of State Charity & Nonprofit Education workshop before?

If "yes", please indicate when and where in the comments section.

* 8. If so, were you satisfied with the training you received?

* 9. Please tell us what geographical region (or county) you are in.

* 10. Any other comments you'd like to add?