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The Town of Old Saybrook is beginning a Revitalization plan* for Mariner's Way (Route 1 East between Saybrook Junction’s Town Center and Ferry Point’s Marina District) that builds on the Town’s 2014 Mariner’s Way Plan. This effort will identify ways to support a new identity for Mariner’s Way and to create action steps to revitalize underutilized properties and better connect this corridor to the core of the town. The goal? Make this part of Mariner’s Way a more appealing place to work, shop, and play!

The consulting firm CivicMoxie has been hired by the Town to lead this study, and our team would like to get a sense of your thoughts on this section of Mariner’s Way and guide our public outreach efforts as we start this project. Please take this brief, 3-4-minute survey, which you can complete anonymously, or if you wish to receive project updates, include your email address at the end.  Either way, we won’t match your email with the responses, and all responses will be reported collectively. The CivicMoxie team will analyze and present the results at our first public event at Hunter's Ambulance, 309 Boston Post Rd., on Thursday, November 3, 2016, at 5:30 - 7:00PM.  Join us that evening to hear what this action plan will include, what this survey reveals, and how we can all work to make Mariner’s Way a vibrant part of the town.
Want to know more about the planning initiative? Please visit the Town website and “Like” the Old Saybrook Facebook Page.

-The CivicMoxie Team

*This plan is a “Brownfields Area-Wide Revitalization (BAR) plan” but that’s a mouthful! The plan name reflects the plan’s funding source (the State Department of Economic and Community Development’s Brownfield Area-Wide Revitalization Grant program) and the fact that there are a significant number of properties on Route 1 East that are brownfields, which means these properties have some kind of environmental issues due to former uses on the sites. This plan is looking at what it will take to reuse these properties and position the entire corridor in a manner that meets the expectations and desires of Old Saybrook residents and businesses regarding land uses, connectivity, recreation and image.