Dear Potential OSMOSIS 2019 speaker,

Thank you for your interest, and valuable time, to submit your presentation for consideration for this years' conference.
In our 5th year, we have a keen insight into the perspective of our audience, their backgrounds and what they are looking to gain from the OSINT conference. Therefore, speaker selection will be based solely on providing the best experience for everyone at the conference.

We are looking for a selection of presentations of all levels, that will inform, educate and inspire our guests with new methodologies and best practices that they can take away with them to use in their perspective industries and positions. Presentations should be translatable so that everyone in the lecture can gain from it, and should not be uniquely career or industry specific.
Sample topic suggestions include:
• Social media platforms
• Link analysis
• Trends in OSINT
• Mapping-Geospacial analysis
• Analytical methods
• Asset searching
• Background checks or due diligence
• Skiptracing-Fugitive recovery
• Photo analysis
• Public records or specialized research methods
• Crytpo currency
• Blockchain
• Anonymizing services
• Darknet

Once again, thank you for your time and consideration.
Paul Atkinson
Business Administrator - OSMOSIS Institute