2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting Attendee Feedback

Thank you for attending the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting. We are always striving to improve this event, and value your feedback. Please provide responses to the following questions so that we can review these responses and pass them on to future Ocean Sciences Meeting Planning Committees.

* 1. What features did you like best about the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting?

* 2. What features should be improved or changed for future Ocean Sciences meetings (keep in mind the OSM format of having plenaries, concurrent oral sessions and dedicated poster sessions)?

* 3. Please comment on the plenary talks being grouped on Tuesday and Thursday mornings rather than one each day or all on a single day. Comment on the plenary panel discussion.

* 4. Did you like having a dedicated session for the awards talks?

* 5. Please comment on our new approach of soliciting and grouping tutorial talks in their own sessions instead of having them within specific sessions.

* 6. We continue to try to improve the poster sessions. Please comment on your opinion of the poster sessions at this meeting and the value of having an eposter component (in your comment, indicate whether or not you presented a poster).

* 7. Do you have any other comments for the organizing committee?

* 8. Where would you like to see the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting?