Exhibitor Survey

2012 OSLHA Convention Columbus, Ohio Hosted by OSLHA Members in the Akron/ Canton Area

The Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association thanks you for your participation in this year's conference. We would like your help in planning for future conventions.

* 1. What did you like about this year's exhibit arrangements?

* 2. What did you not like about this year's exhibit arrangements?

* 3. Do you have suggestions for the 2013 Convention?

* 4. Were you served well by our Exhibit Committee? Any suggestions to serve you better?

* 5. Are current exhibition days/ hours ideal? (Thursday set up with 4-7:00 pm exhibition and all day Friday exhibition. With option to exhibit on Saturday from 7:30-1:00 for additional fee )

* 6. Would you be interested in setting up on Thursday and exhibiting all day Friday and Saturday?

* 7. If you would prefer different exhibition days/ hours, please specify: