OSIP-VP Consortium Membership Application Survey

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The purpose of the Ohio Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Consortium Membership Application Survey is to create and maintain a current roster of active Consortium members who are committed to the vision and mission, goals and objectives of the Consortium. 

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* 2. What is your job title?

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* 3. Are you joining the OSIP VP Consortium and/or one of its work groups as an individual or as a representative of an agency/organization?

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* 4. May we list your organization and provide your contact information on our membership list?

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* 5. Member Agreement

Please review the OSIP VP Consortium member agreement and enter 'yes' or 'no' to indicate acceptance.

Ohio Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Consortium
Member Agreement

Members agree with the vision and mission of the Consortium:


The vision of the OSIP Violence Prevention Consortium is that sexual and intimate partner violence is universally recognized and rejected. Freedom from such violence is a fundamental human right. We seek to create communities where:
•Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence is recognized as a preventable public health issue;
•Women and men work together to promote healthy and safe attitudes and beliefs about sexuality and intimate relationships;
•Social norms and cultural systems, both formal and informal, that tolerate violence will be challenged;
•Those who witness violence are empowered to speak out;
•The root causes of violence, in our society are addressed;
•The importance of raising the status of women and girls is acknowledged while simultaneously addressing the roots of male violence; and,
•Emerging social norms and cultural systems reflect a commitment to healthy relationships.


The mission of the OSIP Violence Prevention Consortium is to promote the prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence by creating an infrastructure that connects state agencies and local communities in working together toward the elimination of gender inequality and other systemic oppression.

Membership Agreement:
1. Being a Consortium member means agreeing to attend two semi-annual meetings or send another agency representative when possible. 

2. Members agree to work toward a more inclusive and diverse consortium membership and leadership. 

3. Members agree to provide information via surveymonkey for evaluation of the Ohio community of prevention practice associated with Consortium participation.

4. Members agree to promote prevention in their community (such as via Be the One Campaign and/or other similar campaigns and through supporting/promoting the annual work areas selected by the Consortium)

5. Members agree to hold themselves accountable to these agreements.