We value your input.  Thank you for helping us to improve our town's resources.

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This year the town of Sterling is preparing an updated Open Space and Recreation Plan, which will allow the town to apply for certain types of grants.  Your feedback is needed for preparing this update and is greatly appreciated.  This should only take a few minutes.  If you have any questions about this process or document, please contact Peder Pedersen at pedersen@wpi.edu.  If you would like to complete this survey later, you can mail it to: Town of Sterling, attn. OSIC, 1 Park St. Sterling, MA 01564, or drop it in the mailbox outside the Butterick Building.

* 1. The following tasks are  critical for Sterling's Open Space Implementation Committee

  1:  Strongly disagree 2:  Somewhat disagree 3:  Neither agree nor disagree 4.  Somewhat agree 5.  Strongly agree
Maintain Sterling's rural/historic character
Preserve natural habitats
Preserve farms & active agriculture
Protect our water resources
Provide adequate recreation facilities, fields, courts
Provide access to open space lands & trails

* 2. The following actions should be taken regarding the protection of open space resources & recreation opportunities in Sterling

  1.  Strongly disagree 2.  Somewhat disagree 3.  Neither agree nor disagree 4.  Somewhat agree 5. Strongly agree
Continue current zoning and land use policies
Consider residential zoning concepts
Support initiatives to protect open space resources
Purchase land for conservation open space & recreation
Implement conservation restrictions on critical parcels
Improve access to public land
Maintain existing recreational facilities
Provide more recreational facilities and programs
Improve parking access at open space and rec. facilities
Improve regional trail connections (Rail Trail, etc.)
Enable more water-based activities
Create safer streets for pedestrians
Increase awareness of recreational opportunities
Improve universal access at open space facilities

* 3. 3.  Which of Sterling's recreational resources to you use?  Check all that apply.

* 4. 4.  What are your major recreational interests?  Please rank as many as you wish, with 1 as top interest.

* 5. 5.  Which of the following organized events for adults (A) or you9th (Y) would you like to see in Sterling.  Check all that apply

* 6. 6.  How many years have you lived in Sterling?

* 7. 7.  Number of people in your household

* 8. We invite you to offer additional ideas, suggestions, or comments.

Thank you for completing this survey.