IMPORTANT INFORMATION — Please note that in submitting this online registration, you hereby acknowledge and agree:
  • You will supply your child with lunch, drinks and a sunhat every day that they attend the programme.
  • YMCA is not responsible for loss and/or damage to children's possessions.
  • You will sign your child into the holiday programme upon arrival and sign out again when you collect your child
  • YMCA is not responsible for children once signed out of the programme.
  • You will advise YMCA in writing if your child is to be collected by any other person than those detailed on the registration form below.
  • If you require your child to make their own way home unattended after the programme, a letter confirming this must be received by the YMCA prior to completion of that day's programme.
  • An early drop off fee at a rate of $3.75 per hour or part thereof will be charged for children arriving before 8:15am.
    A late pick up fee will be charged per child at a rate of $10 for the first 10 minutes and $1 per minute thereafter.
    All absences must be advised to the centre as soon as possible and prior to 9am to avoid charges for that day.
  • There is no refund without 24 hours notice. A $15 administration fee applies for any refund given.
  • Limited numbers accepted for all sessions. Bookings confirmed only on receipt of deposit of full payment.
  • If you give permission for your child to be photographed, photos will be displayed in house, and we reserve the right to use them in our advertising and marketing.
  • Some of the programme activities may be altered due to weather conditions or unavoidable circumstances. YMCA is not obliged to offer any recompense for this occurring.
  • There are risks associated with your children attending the holiday programme. To help minimise these risks, the programme has safety procedures, as well as rules and boundaries for all children that must be complied with.
  • A copy of our OSCAR policies and procedures is available at reception. This document includes our Child Collection Policy, Refund Policy and Complaints Policy.
  • This YMCA Holiday Programme has been approved under the CYF OSCAR Standards. All care will be taken to provide a safe and well-supervised environment for children attending the programme, in accordance with these standards.

* 1. Child 1

* 2. Gender

* 3. Ethnicity

* 4. Child 2

* 5. Gender

* 6. Ethnicity

* 7. Mother/Caregiver 1

* 8. Father/Caregiver 2

* 9. Medical

* 10. Other persons who may pick up your child

* 11. Special instructions for collection and access to my child

* 12. Emergency Contact 1

* 13. Emergency Contact 2

* 14. Book my child for these days – I acknowledge unsubsidised rates are $38/day or $171 for each whole week.

* 15. I have applied/intend to apply for a WINZ subsidy.

* 16. I will pay for my child at the unsubsidised rate.

* 17. I give permission for my child to be transported.

* 18. I give permission for sunblock to be applied to my child.

* 19. I give permission for my child to be photographed. I understand photos may be used on future YMCA promotional material.

* 20. Is there anything else we need to know?

* 21. How did you find out about us?

* 22. I hereby acknowledge that I have read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION at the beginning of this online form.