The 2023 Oregon and Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference Planning Team is accepting speaker proposals for the 2023 Virtual Conference.  The conference will be held entirely online. Sessions will be held Tuesday's March 7 through April 4 at 12 pm PT. The joint virtual conference is anticipated to bring together an estimated 200-300 diverse food and nutrition professionals from across the Pacific Northwest.

Commercialism policy:

The Oregon and Washington State Academies maintain full control over the planning, content and implementation of all programs presented during Annual Conference including the selection of speakers, moderators and faculty. The intent of the Conference program is to provide quality sessions focused on educational content, which are free from commercial influence or bias. The Oregon and Washington State Academies prohibit presentations that constitute promotion and/or advertising. This specifically includes pervasive or inappropriate use of logos. Presentations that are sole descriptions of a program, publication, or product, or that show obvious bias toward a convention sponsor will not be accepted nor tolerated by the participants. To this end, program planners, session participants and sponsors are prohibited from engaging in scripting, targeting points for specific emphasis or other actions designed to influence the overall content of the program. Statements made should not be viewed as, or considered representative of, any formal position taken on any product, subject, or issue by the Washington State Academy. It is the responsibility of the program planner to ensure compliance from all speakers.

The Oregon and Washington State Conference planning committees reserve the right to review presentations prior to the Conference and request the removal of any material that violates our guidelines.