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Music can create comfort, motivation, familiarity and connection. For that very reason, during the school year, music is periodically played throughout the halls and outdoor speakers at the school for students and staff to enjoy.

The PTO's Ironia Diversity and Inclusion Committee is excited to kick-off the Ironia Open Air Waves Project as a way for families to recommend songs that are uplifting and meaningful to their children and families - our way of creating a community-sourced playlist to share with teachers and staff. This will be a rolling survey - and you can enter songs (up to three a year) whenever the spirit moves you throughout the year! We will compile lists periodically, and share it with the administration for their consideration.

All genres and languages are welcome!
Please be mindful of the K-5 audience. 
THANK YOU in advance for your recommendations! 

Question Title

* 1. Have you reviewed the song to make sure it's family-friendly in spirit and/or lyrics?