Your candid answers are appreciated.  Be advised that all responses are anonymous.

* 1. In what age division did your child play?
(please select only one. If multiple children played, please complete separate surveys for each child.)

* 2. On which team did your child play?

(Please only select one. If your had multiple children play, please complete a separate survey for each child.)

* 3. Please rate your overall experience with your coach this season:
(5 is extremely satisfied, 1 is extremely disappointed)

  Extremely Disappointed Slightly Disappointed Neutral Fairly Satisfied Extremely Satisfied
Head Coach - overall
Head Coach - demeanor
First Assistant Coach - overall
Second Assistant Coach - overall
Third Assistant Coach
Practice Management
Game Management
Organizational Skills
Communication with Parents
My Child Improved
Players Rotated Positions
My Child Had Fun

* 4. Each child on the team was treated:
(please answer only one)

* 5. The coach upheld the expectation of ROOTS (Respect for respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and one’s Self)

  Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neutral Somewhat Agree Agree

* 6. The Coach emphasized the ELM Tree of Mastery (Effort, Learning, and bouncing back from Mistakes)

  Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neutral Somewhat Agree Agree
Emphasized Effort
Emphasized Learning Opportunities
Emphasized Bouncing Back from Mistakes
Emphasized player development for EACH player throughout season

* 7. The OPBA philosophy puts the emphasis on player development, which means developing every player on the roster.  It includes giving the children opportunities to play all the positions.  While winning games is secondary to development, it is important to be competitive and try to win.  Please select the statement that best represents your experience with your coach this season.

* 8. If given the option, I would want my child to play for this coach again.

* 9. Was your child able to participate throughout the entire season?

* 10. We expect children to participate in multiple extracurricular activities throughout the Spring. However sometimes this create a scheduling conflict for families. When you were faced with a scheduling conflict this year:

* 11. Please rate your experience with the Oz Park Baseball Association for this season

  Extremely Disappointed Slightly Disappointed Neutral Fairly Satisfied Extremely Satisfied Not applicable to me
Overall Experience
League Communications
Field Conditions
Team Selection
Game Schedule
Rules of Play
Events - Wrigley Day
Events - Picture Day
Events - UIC Night
Events - Movie Night

* 12. If you rated any of the above as Slightly Disappointed or Very Disappointed, are you willing to volunteer your time to help improve the league?  (If so, please provide name, email, and phone number in comments)

* 13. Please provide additional feedback or comments about the coach, coaching staff, and/or the league: