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*This survey is the property of the Oregon Paralegal Association. This survey is intended to collect demographic and other data on current or future paralegals in Oregon and Washington. Any copying of the survey or use other than those intended, is strictly prohibited unless approved by the OPA Board of Directors. Please contact Mary VanKleeck, CRP™ or Megan Gallagher, the 2017 Annual Survey Committee Co-Chairs, with any questions regarding the survey.

* 1. Participant Title:
**Please consider taking the OPA 2016 Paralegal Student Survey for Washington and Oregon if you are currently a student enrolled in a paralegal program which can be found at:

* 2. Gender:

* 3. Age:

* 4. Race/ethnicity:

* 5. Do you have a disability (physical or mental impairment) that substantially limits one or more of your major life activities?

* 6. Sexual Orientation:

* 7. Highest Education Level Completed:

* 8. Do you posses any of the following national paralegal credentials? (mark all that apply)

* 9. Type of Employer:

* 10. Location of Paralegal Employment:

* 11. Areas of Practice: (Mark all that apply)

* 12. Number of Years in Current Position:

* 13. Total number of years doing substantive work:

* 14. Total Number of Years in Legal Profession:

* 15. Employed:

* 16. If employer pays for CLEs, which ones do they pay for: (Mark all that apply)

* 17. What is the average number of pro bono hours you contributed in 2016?
Definition of Pro Bono: legal work undertaken without charge, typically for a client with a low income.

* 18. If you participate in community service activities, what is the average number of hours you contributed in 2016?

* 19. What are your future professional plans for the next five years?

* 20. What type of membership do you have with OPA?

* 21. OPA offers a wide variety of specialty groups with meetings held every month at varying times and locations.  What additional programs, CLEs, activities and speakers would you like to see provided by OPA that are not currently provided?

* 22. As a member of OPA, do you read OPA's Paragram, a bi-monthly publication posted on the OPA website?

* 23. Are you a member of another professional legal association?  (Mark all that apply)

* 24. As a member of OPA, are you aware of the NFPA benefits available to OPA members such as NFPA membership, the National Paralegal Reporter publication, discounted CLE's, volunteer involvement?  

* 25. As a member of OPA, has OPA’s Job Bank, posted on the OPA website, assisted you in a job search in the last five years?

* 26. As a member of OPA and NFPA, do you read the National Paralegal Reporter?

* 27. OPA has a Mentor/Mentee program that offers mentorship to paralegal students and new paralegals.
The Association has some amazing members who have vast experience and knowledge to share with
those entering the profession.

Please select one of the following:

* 28. As a member of OPA, is there something you would like to see in the Paragram that is not currently being provided?

* 29. As a member of OPA, rate your satisfaction with OPA membership in the last year?

* 30. As a member of OPA, would you recommend OPA membership to other paralegals?

* 31. Are you aware that paralegals are registering to become Oregon Certified Paralegals similar to other
state-specific certifications to designate and confirm their experience and education?

* 32. If you answered yes to the above question, are you planning to complete an OCP application:

* 33. If you indicated you were not aware of Oregon certification, would you be interested in learning more about the OCP program and requirements?

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