Please input the following information.

Please read and rank your agreement with the following statements (1 - disagree, 2 - somewhat disagree, 3 - somewhat agree, 4 - agree).

  1 - I disagree. 2 - I somewhat disagree. 3 - I somewhat agree. 4 - I agree.
I think I'm a little more objective in my formal thinking than I have been in the past and I'm more aware of how and what I'm thinking.
I have a good sense of self that's separate from where I am or what I'm doing.
I understand that people may have extenuating circumstances, but that is no reason to violate rules or policies.
Professors try to make classes more difficult than they need to be.
Professors often talk about a lot of stuff that isn't directly related to the subject they're teaching. It's nice if you can appreciate it but it usually feels like a waste of time.
I could disagree with a professor on content matter and would feel comfortable speaking with him/her about that.
Even though people disagree about facts and opinions, I don't think any question can really have more than one right answer.
There are a lot points of view that I just don't understand-- how can people think some of the things they believe are okay?
Answers aren't in textbooks for a reason-- students are supposed to come up with their own answers.
I have firm convictions and I can back them up with logic and information.
I don't really question what my professors say; they're the authorities in the field.
I wish professors would just tell me what I need to know; they usually confuse me.