EDItEUR ONIX for Books – Users and Services directory

EDItEUR is creating a directory of companies that have implemented ONIX for Books in their business, which will be featured on the EDItEUR website. You do not need to be an EDItEUR member to be listed in the directory.

The directory will list only your company/business unit name, the country where you're based, and the version(s) of ONIX you have in production use (we generally won’t list versions in development). Having your company listed in the directory is entirely optional, but please let us know what you're doing with ONIX even if you don’t want to be listed – just say No to the last question (Q.7) and we won't make any of your answers visible in the directory at all.

For EDItEUR members, we will also include your company area of operation – whether you are a publisher, distributor, retailer, software or services supplier, etc, plus an e-mail address and/or a link to a web page that other organizations may use for enquiries about your ONIX products, services or data.

If your company operates independently in multiple countries, with different ONIX arrangements, then please supply separate Survey Monkey replies for each national business unit (you might only be able to supply data for your business unit - your colleagues may fill in their own survey results). If your company operates internationally, but you have a single point of contact for all ONIX activity, please supply only one Survey Monkey reply.

We're only using Survey Monkey as a convenient way to collect the initial information. You can see the directory on the EDItEUR website at http://www.editeur.org/154/Users-and-Services-directory/. If you need to update your information, let us know by e-mail to info@editeur.org. All listings are at the sole discretion of EDItEUR. And please contact us at info@editeur.org if you have any queries about the survey itself.

Please answer all questions, then click the 'Send Answers' button at the bottom to complete the survey.

Many thanks
Graham Bell

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* 1. About you and your company or business unit. Your name and e-mail address will not appear in the directory.

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* 2. Is your company creating or sending ONIX data, or is it a recipient of data from business partners?

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* 3. What does your company do?

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* 4. For EDItEUR members only, you may provide an e-mail address and a link to a web site where potential customers may obtain further information about your products or services, or where supply chain partners may enquire about your product data.

Think carefully about the ONIX contact e-mail to use: potential customers may use this address to get in contact with those in your organisation who are responsible for ONIX data feeds or ONIX-related products and services. You may wish to create a special address such as onix@publisher.com, in case the personnel at your company change.

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* 5. Which version of ONIX for Books do you use (or is the latest that you or your systems support)? Please indicate which applies in production systems, and separately any version in testing or planning. ONIX versions in testing, development or planning will not usually appear in the directory.

  in production in development/testing planned for 2015
ONIX 1.x
ONIX 2.0
ONIX 2.1
ONIX 3.0

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* 6. Are you in contact with your ONIX National Group? Your answer will not appear in the directory.

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* 7. Do you want your company to be listed in EDItEUR’s ONIX for Books directory?