Consultation Service - Overview

Thank you for your interest in pursuing an online consultation with Colorado State University's Orthopedic Medicine and Mobility Service. Since we are currently unable to evaluate your pet at the hospital due to the coronavirus situation, our goal with this consultation service is to offer some help for dogs and cats with mobility issues that are caused by musculoskeletal (orthopedic) problems.  While an online consultation obviously cannot replace an examination, we are taking this step to at least provide some guidance.

If we have not previously examined your pet, we are restricted to solely addressing general questions such as typical treatment options and outcomes for different orthopedic problems that may be causing the symptoms. Because we do not have an active veterinarian-client-patient relationship with you, we cannot prescribe medications or provide specific treatment recommendations.

If your pet is a recent client of the OMM service, we may be able to provide more specific recommendations.
After filling out this survey, your question(s) will be directed to a team member of the service for review. You should receive a response within one week. If your pet has symptoms of immediate concern, please seek local emergency treatment or contact CSU’s urgent and emergency care services at 970-297-5000.
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