Orthopedic Medicine and Mobility (OMM) Appointment Information

Colorado State University's Orthopedic Medicine and Mobility (OMM) department specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment of injuries to help your pet achieve their highest level of pain-free mobility. Please join us by completing this survey. The information you provide, including your goals for your pet, are integral to our care plan.

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Visit Preparation & Information: At the first visit, our objective is to determine the source of your pet’s functional limitations and to provide you with treatment options.

If you are interested in diagnostics for your pet, please do not feed your pet for 12 hours before your appointment. They may have water as usual. If your pet is a puppy or kitten, please feed them a regular breakfast to prevent hypoglycemia. If your pet is on any medications that must be given with food, please provide pills with a small meatball instead of a full meal. For other questions about medications, email orthomed@colostate.edu. In the title write “Appointment Day Medication Recommendations.”

1. When you arrive, you will first be greeted by a parking lot attendant, and then a client liaison will ask you some COVID-related questions. Next, a veterinary technician and/or a 4th-year veterinary student will pick up your pet. If not already performed over the phone, they will also take a history. Please join us in providing world-class education by answering the student’s questions in detail, helping them confirm the previously provided information.

2. Your pet’s evaluation will be completed using low-stress handling techniques by our team - an American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (ACVSMR) veterinary specialist, a resident and/or intern, and veterinary students.

3. When the evaluation is complete, a member of the team will discuss our findings with you and make recommendations for diagnostics and treatment options. This includes a cost estimate. Please be assured that we will not proceed with any procedures before we have obtained your approval.

     a. Diagnostics often include radiographs and musculoskeletal ultrasound and occasionally include a CT scan, MRI or another advanced technology. Please note, we can usually complete basic diagnostics on the same day, but your pet may need to return for advanced diagnostics on a different day.

     b. Treatments vary and may include medications, joint injections, regenerative medicine, orthotics/braces, and physical therapy. Please note, many treatments may be completed on the same day, but depending on the option chosen, your pet may need to return for a treatment or series of treatments.

     c. Clinical Trials – In some instances, your pet may potentially qualify for a clinical trial. If this is an option, the clinical trials team will provide you with detailed information. Please note, communication with clinical trials is usually completed on the same day, but occasionally the trials team will need to reach out to you after the appointment.

4. Follow-up visits will be scheduled before your pet is discharged. Please have your calendar ready to help our staff expedite the scheduling process.

5. Within 48 hours of your visit, you will receive dismissal instructions via email from the resident.