Tell Us About Yourself

Please choose the best answer for each question.

* 1. How many years have you been affiliated with or been a member of OMA?

* 2. How many years have you been an ADR Practitioner (round up)?

* 3. Do you primarily identify as a facilitator or as a mediator? 

* 4. If you mediate, which of the following best describes your practice:

* 5. In which category do you conduct most of your ADR work:

* 6. Which of the following fields/professions of origin do you most identify with:

* 7. If you mediate, if you had to pick one predominant approach, which one would it be?

* 8. Where did you get your basic mediation training?

* 9. On average, how many hours of continuing ADR education do you get each year?

* 10. Where do you get most of your continuing ADR education?