“Catholic schools are called to a renewal of purpose, and some reorganization. The goals appropriate to today’s Catholic educational effort , the need to prepare young men and women to be witnesses to faith during an era of instability and at the same time to act as agents of creative institutional change for which adequate models hardly exist. While the Christian purpose of the Catholic school must always be clearly evident, no one form is prescribed for it.” (To Teach as Jesus Did, NCCB, 1972, #123)


“Our young people are the Church of today and tomorrow. It is imperative that we provide them with schools ready to address their spiritual, moral, and academic needs.” (Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary & Secondary Schools in the Third Millennium, USCCB, 2005, p. 8)

* 1. Standard: The school has a mission statement and a philosophy statement which indicate the integration of the Roman Catholic Faith into all aspects of school life.

* 2. __ The mission statement clearly indicates the relationship of the school to its parent body (e.g., the parish or religious congregation).

* 3. __ The mission statement and philosophy are prominently displayed in the front office, every classroom, and the parish offices.

* 4. __ The mission statement and philosophy are included in relevant school documents such as handbooks, websites, etc.

* 5. __ The mission statement and philosophy are often quoted in relevant school publications such as the parent/student/staff handbooks, school newsletters, registration materials, etc.

* 6. __ The principal/admissions officer talks about the school’s mission and philosophy when interviewing prospective students and their families.

* 7. __ The principal (and pastor) discuss the mission and philosophy of the school with prospective teachers, aides, employees, volunteers (especially coaches) etc. before hiring them/bringing them on board.

* 8. __ Policy established by the school board is based upon, and quoted from the mission and/or philosophy.

* 9. __ Strategic Plan/School Improvement Plan/Action Plan is based upon, and often quotes from the mission and/or philosophy.

* 10. __ Parents and students, teachers and staff can paraphrase the mission statement if not quote it exactly.