Building a Better Sterile Insect Release Program

The Sterile Insect Release Program has been controlling codling moth populations in apple and pear orchards and urban properties for 20 years. The BCFGA and many growers in the region have been asking SIR to include other pests and/or other fruits under the program. We are gathering input from growers like you to determine how SIR can better serve your changing pest management needs. We invite you to also attend one of the 'coffee chat' sessions we are holding in March. Please see for dates and locations.

* 1. How valuable do you find the services SIR provides?

  Not At All Valuable Not Very Valuable Valuable Extremely Valuable
Moth trapping in orchards
Urban trapping and enforcement
Enforcement activities in orchards
Area-wide control (sterile insects and/or mating disruption)
Fruit and damage checking

* 2. What current SIR services would you like extended to other fruits and/or pests?

* 3. Are there any other services you would like SIR to provide?

* 4. What other fruits would you like covered by the SIR program?

* 5. What pests and diseases are you concerned about?

  Not At All Concerned Somewhat Concerned Very Concerned Extremely Concerned
Apple Clearwing
Apple Maggot
Apple Scab
Brown Marmorated Stinkbug
Codling Moth
Fire Blight
Leaf Roller
New/Unknown Pests
Peach Leaf Curl
Peach Tree Borer
Powdery Mildew
Spotted Wing Drosophila
Western Cherry Fruit Fly

* 6. Is there anything else you would like to say?

* 7. How much of your orchard/vineyard/farm (by acre) is planted to each type of fruit (choose N/A if you don't grow the fruit)?

  less than 5 acres 5-10 acres 10-20 acres more than 20 acres N/A
Other soft fruit (peaches, plums, nectarines)

* 8. Are you a conventional or organic grower?

* 9. How long have you been growing fruit in the region?

* 10. How many acres do you farm?

* 11. Where is/are your orchard(s) located?