Tutor Request

This request page is intended for Oklahoma Successful Adulthood (OKSA) eligible youth only. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us at oksa@ou.edu or 1-800-397-2945.

* 1. What is your client ID? (Contact your worker if you don't know what your Client ID is. If your client ID is entered incorrectly we will e-mail you back. We cannot process your funds until we have a correct client ID.)

* 2. What is your first name?

* 3. What is your last initial?

* 4. What is your date of birth?

What is your date of birth?

* 5. What is your e-mail address? (If you do not have an e-mail address create one or talk to your worker about a funds request.)

* 6. What is your phone number?

* 7. Which best describes your custody type?

* 8. What grade are you in?

* 9. What subject do you need to be tutored in?

* 10. What is the name and address of the school you are attending?

* 11. Are you on an IEP?

* 12. Questions or comments. Click "Done" at the bottom of this survey to submit your request.