Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) provides state funds to local areas for the prevention and diversion services to at-risk youth on an annual basis. With the closure of Youth Services for Stephens County, Jefferson, Stephens, and Cotton county youth and families need services. OJA is undertaking a Community Action with Targeted Solutions (CATS) project to develop a unique plan for serving youth involved and at-risk of involvement in juvenile justice in their area. It is essential that a diverse team of community stakeholders from each of these counties have a voice in outlining community needs, identifying existing strengths and resources, and creating the plan for building a comprehensive plan to prevent delinquency and promote success for all youth in Cotton, Stephens, and Jefferson counties.

Below are several questions to help gather feedback from stakeholders including: family members, young people, court professionals, school staff, juvenile justice staff, youth programs, community leaders/members, mental health providers, tribal leaders & organizations, faith-based organizations, law enforcement, and interested community members. Basically, everyone in Cotton, Stephens, and Jefferson Counties is welcomed to participate.

Your answers will be anonymous and combined with all other answers. Results will be shared at community meetings in late April 2019.

Stephens, Cotton, and Jefferson counties will be holding two more meetings in their CATS project in late April and late May. These are open to all interested community members. If you would like to receive information about these meetings, contact Amanda McClain at Amanda.McClain@oja.ok.gov or (405) 530-2822.

Thank you for your time in completing and sharing the feedback form with others.

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* 1. What is your interest in increasing services for youth? (pick response that most applies)

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* 2. Do you have direct experience in juvenile justice or prevention services (ex: probation, diversion, therapy, detention, etc.)?

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* 3. In which county are you located?

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