* 1. Enter your child's/childrens' Student ID# (Only a number is needed, entering a student's name will give an error message.)
Note: To find your student's ID#, enter MyInfo, click on the student's name, click on the School tab.

* 2. Enter your Family ID#
(This will help us to group your entries together, and streamline our confirmation emails to you.)

* 3. Enter your email completely:

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* 5. Enter the date of the event you attended:
Use the MM/DD/YYYY format: 09/08/2017
Please note that only dates from mid July through early June apply.

* 6. Enter the name of the event or outing you attended:
Example: Cleveland Student Expo

* 7. Select the type of event your child attended:
Examples -
Social: High School Dance, Back to School Picnic
Educational: Spelling Bee, Literacy Day
Testing: State testing

* 8. Comments about the F2F event: (Optional)