Public Comment Request

If you need assistance with signing up for public comment, please call or email Jennifer Uhlman: (503) 739-5267 or You will need to provide all the information listed below. 
To share public comment during the upcoming Oregon Health Policy Board (OHPB) meeting held virtually via Zoom, please complete the survey below. Please submit your request for public comment 2 business days before the meeting. You will be contacted before the meeting to confirm your request.
Public comment is limited to 2 minutes per person. The meeting host will start a 2-minute timer at the beginning of each public comment to track time. OHPB will allocate 10 minutes per meeting for public comments (5 requests total); additional requests for oral comments may be shared after the last agenda item. Note - OHPB meetings conclude at noon but OHA staff will remain available to listen and record comments shared that go past the meeting end time. 

Working Guidelines for Providing OHPB Public Comment:

· Until further notice, OHPB meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. Please login to the Zoom meeting 15 minutes prior to the time indicated for public comment on the published agenda. The agenda and all meeting materials will be posted on the OHPB meetings webpage:

· Before joining the call, please silence your other communication devices such as your cell or desk phone.  This will prevent any feedback or interruptions during the meeting.

· In the meeting, please make sure that your microphone is muted and your video is turned off until the meeting host calls your name. Check to make sure your first and last name is clearly displayed so the meeting host can easily identify you.   

· Once called upon, please speak clearly into your microphone, and for the record, state your name and the organization you represent (if any).

· Screen sharing will not be allowed. If you would like to share any documentation, please provide to Jennifer Uhlman and/or OHPB (, preferably 2 business days prior to the meeting. Materials provided after this window may not be included in the meeting materials packet but will be shared with members and posted on the OHPB website after the meeting.

· Presenters will be provided with a two-minute window. After you introduce yourself (name and organization), the meeting host will start a two-minute timer on the Zoom meeting screen. We ask that presenters conclude their presentation when the timer is complete. Presenters that continue to speak after their two minutes may be placed on mute by the meeting host. In the event two minutes is not enough time to present your comments, you are welcome to share your written comments by email to OHPB (

· Public comments shall relate to matters within the purview of the respective public body. Comments shall relate to either items on the agenda or other matters related to Oregon Health Policy Board business.

· No person shall engage in disruptive, discourteous, belligerent, impertinent, threatening, disparaging, or otherwise uncivil behavior. The meeting host may limit or end the comments of any person who engages in this conduct. 

You may join the Zoom meeting by clicking the "join meeting link" from a computer or smart phone or dial the phone number provided in the published meeting agenda. If you're unfamiliar with using Zoom for virtual meetings, please visit their website for information and resources.

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