Effective May 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM, all nursing home facilities (facilities) are subject to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Director’s Order and Guidelines. Per the Order and forthcoming Guideline revisions, all facilities must ensure their staff are tested for COVID-19 once every two weeks. The state's Congregate Care Unified Response Team (CCURT) and the Ohio National Guard (ONG) are assisting nursing homes as they work to comply with the Order and Guidelines. 

Facilities may meet the requirements of the Order to have all staff tested once every two weeks by participating in state-scheduled and supported testing, or by conducting testing outside of the state's process for scheduling and support. All facilities will verify that they have meet the requirements of the Order and Guidelines on an ongoing basis by submitting a summary of staff testing results for each round of retesting (every 2 weeks) through a survey supplied by the state (survey is forthcoming). 

Additional information about the requirements to have employees tested once every two weeks and the state of Ohio's support of this testing will be presented on a webinar on August 28. Revised guidelines and other guidance documents will be released during the week of August 27. 

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