Business Survey - Plastics Litter

Survey created by local nonprofits and community citizens in Chatham County. The sole purpose of this survey is to collect local perspectives on single use plastics and litter. The items in this survey do not reflect any current individual government policy.

You will need between 5 - 15 minutes to complete the questions. Thank you for participating. 

* 1. What type of business are you?

* 2. How many employees work for your business?

* 3. What is your business zip code?

* 4. How much of a problem do you think litter is in Chatham County?

* 5. What type of litter do you see most often across Chatham County (choose all that apply)?

* 6. Do you consider PLASTIC litter a problem in Chatham County?

* 7. Which of the following changes to reduce plastic litter would you support?

* 8. Does your business offer paper or reusable bags as alternatives to single use plastic bags?

* 9. Does your business encourage customers to bring reusable bags for shopping or take out?

* 10. If your business does not offer reusable bags, why not?

* 11. How often do you see litter in the form of plastic bags?

* 12. Would your business support a ban on single use plastic bags in Chatham County?

* 13. How many Styrofoam takeaway containers (for food or drinks) does your business use in an average week?

* 14. How often do you see litter in the form of Styrofoam takeaways (for food or drinks) in Chatham County?

* 15. Would you support a ban on single use Styrofoam takeaway containers in Chatham County?

* 16. What percentage of the food and beverage served in your business is served in Styrofoam containers?

* 17. If your business uses Styrofoam, which option below would be most likely to cause you to switch to a renewable, biodegradable fiber option if (check all that apply):

* 18. Do you refill bottles for customers who bring in their reusable bottles?

* 19. How often do you serve drinks served in single use plastic bottles?

* 20. How often do you see litter in the form of single use plastic bottles?

* 21. Would you support a statewide bottling deposit fee (you may pay .05 cents per bottle deposit fee, but get the .05 cents back upon return at any store)?

* 22. How motivated are you to reduce your business’ plastic footprint?

* 23. Are you currently working to eliminate single use plastics in your business?

* 24. Do you currently serve plastic straws with drinks?

* 25. Would you support a “straws upon request only” program?

* 26. What could local government or NGOs do to help you reduce your single use plastics usage (choose all that apply)?

* 27. Are you interested in learning about the feedback from Tourist Surveys, and Consumer Surveys?

Survey results will be published by One Hundred Miles, in early 2018.  With respect for your privacy we have not asked for your contact info. You can visit or Contact for a full report in Spring of 2018.

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