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OfficeHappyHours.com is New York's premiere after-work event planning company, OfficeHappyHours.com turns after-work events into amazing experiences. With local expertise, we provide planning services to New York professionals who need to organize business happy hours, after-work parities and meet ups, networking events, private parties and more...

Anytime you need to organize a professional gathering of 10-500 people or more, come to us. You'll get amazing deals and perks for your group at select venues. 

We host larger events for our members a few times a year. As a Brand Ambassador you will be the point person at your company and receive complimentary and reduced tickets to these events with a unique promo code. 

Office Happy Hour Perks... 

- Drink Specials from 6 to 9pm 
- Reserved VIP Table for groups
- Prosecco Thursdays: Complimentary Bottle for groups of 10+ on Thursdays
- For larger groups of 20+ or more, we'll also give you a Complimentary bottle of Champagne on Thursdays & Fridays
- Invitations to private parties and special events
- Complimentary tickets to special events for you and your co-workers/friends

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