Welcome to the OGP Civil Society Baseline Survey

Dear all,

Welcome to the OGP Civil Society Baseline Survey. It would be great if as many of you could fill this one in and at the same time forward it to as many other civil society players that are connected to OGP.

The survey has the following sections:
* Your basics
* You and OGP
* OGP in your country
* You and the Steering Committee
* You and the Civil Society Coordinator
* Communications and knowledge
* Conference, events and meetings
* What else?

The survey will give us a snapshot of the OGP players and insights into year 1 experiences at national level. It will also provide me with the information needed to improve communications within the OGP community and to figure out is needed to make OGP a success (and what you can bring to the community).

Thanks to the Hewlett Foundation for the translation in Spanish! Of course, the survey answers and comments will be published (except when you state you want to keep yours confidential).

For the Spanish version: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/OGP_baseline_S

Thanks again for taking the time!