1. Introduction to Handshake

Thank you for your interest in applying to jobs in Handshake! When applying for positions, it is important to represent yourself and the University of Virginia in a way that demonstrates professionalism. While we recognize not all students will participate in UVA’s On-Grounds Interview Program (OGI), it is important to be aware of the process and recruiting best practices.

Please know that UVA strongly encourages employers to follow our Employment Offer Guidelines. You can refer to these policies to better understand recruiting practices. However, these guidelines only pertain to employers who come to Grounds to interview.

Question Title

* 1. I agree to the terms:
  • I commit to upholding a high level of integrity and professionalism during the recruitment process.
  • I understand that UVA does not have the power to enforce employment offer guidelines for employers who are not coming to Grounds to interview.