Thanks for your interest in completing our survey!

This survey was designed in partnership between the Open Food Network-Canada (OFN-Can) and the EFAO, and supported by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs’ New Directions Research Program.

This survey is intended for the person(s) on the farm that engages the most with farm planning and digital technologies (if at all) for production, farm management and sales or marketing. If there is more than one person who satisfies this criteria then it is perfectly fine to provide more than one response! In this survey we are interested in understanding digital technology trends and perceptions for EFAO members. What tools do you need? What don’t you like about current tools? Why do you (or do you not) use digital tools? What do you see as the future of these tools for ecological farming practices in Ontario?

This survey is anonymous. We will ask at the end of the survey for your name and contact information, if you are comfortable providing these, for the purposes of a follow-up interview with members of OFN-Can.
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