The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) invites you to submit a topic for one of the coveted speaker slots in our upcoming annual OFCC Conference. The conference will be hosted in Columbus and Cincinnati on August 15th & 23rd (respectively) as well as Cleveland and Columbus on August 30th & September 12th (respectively). We are seeking speakers to present at two of the four events, Columbus & Cincinnati or Cleveland & Columbus.

The 2017 OFCC Conference will showcase captivating speakers who will have 15 minutes and six slides each to present a single game-changing innovation to improve public construction.

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* 12. Please provide an outline of your session content.

* 13. Please provide at least one learning outcome or "lessons learned."

* 14. Briefly describe your relevant background, qualifications and experience to speak on your proposed topic. Description will be used as speaker bio if presentation is selection.

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