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The Oregon Education Association invites OEA members to participate as hosts and guests on the weekly OEA Grow podcast. OEA Grow is by members, for members. The podcast provides an opportunity to share ideas, strategies, experiences, and skills with OEA members from across the state. OEA is collecting proposals for multiple podcast seasons. Each season features approximately 4-10 20-minute episodes.

Hosts: Hosts will be selected for an entire season based on their interest and knowledge of the season topic. No podcast experience is required. However, hosts must be able to meet weekly deadlines during their season and have access to a quiet space to conduct online recorded discussions/interviews with guests.

Host responsibilities:
Interview one guest for approximately 30 minutes once a week
Schedule guest interviews (we can provide guest contact info and topics)
Contribute ideas for episode topics and interview questions
Communicate with OEA staff using email and shared documents in Google Drive

Hosts will receive compensation based on the number of episodes in the season. Each interview is scheduled for 30 minutes and hosts are compensated for a total of 2 hours per episode which includes the interview, scheduling, and prep time. Hosts also receive compensation for collaborating with OEA staff as well as funds to purchase a microphone that is theirs to keep (if they don't already have a suitable microphone).

Guests: Guests are interviewed by the host for one 30-minute interview. Guests do not receive compensation. No experience is required. However, guests must have access to a quiet space to participate in the online discussion/interview. 

We invite proposals from all members, including all job classifications. 

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