ODR would like your feedback to better understand the special education dispute resolution needs of our constituents.  Please complete the survey below.  We appreciate your time.

* 1. What is your role?

* 2. What ODR services have you used within the past 5 years? 

* 3. In which of the following areas do you feel additional information is needed from ODR?

* 4. Regarding dispute resolution in special education, are there needs you or your school have that are not being met by ODR?

* 5. If you answered yes on the previous question, please identify what those needs are.

* 6. Is there any service ODR does not currently provide that you would like to see in the future? 

* 7. What is the format of information distribution that you feel is most beneficial for you or your school?

* 8. Please describe any challenges you or your school are having/have had with the special education dispute resolution processes that ODR provides?

* 9. Please provide any additional comments.