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Thank you for taking time to complete our survey.  Your feedback is important to us.  Please note, all responses are confidential and will not impact your program. 
This WIOA Title I-financially assisted program or activity is an equal opportunity employer/program.  Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

1. What AJCC do you currently work at?

2. All organizations in the AJCC are treated as equal partners.

3. There is open communication amongst the AJCC partners.

4. The AJCC needs to bring in a wider array of service providers.

5. Services within the AJCC are integrated.

6. The Reception staff do a good job in welcoming clients into the AJCC.

7. There is effective use of space within the AJCC.

8. Labor Market Information is readily available to AJCC staff.

9. The AJCC provides assistive technology for customers to use when accessing computers and others services.

10. Staff is aware of local initiatives/discretionary programs serving special populations.

11. Staff is proficient in using CalJobs.

12. The current roster of training providers adequately meets customer needs.

13. Equipment/Computers in the Resource Room are both adequate and reliable.

14. Education Partners need to be better integrated into the AJCC.

15. Workshops that are currently provided are adequate.

16. AJCC Staff understand the needs of the business community.

17. All staff identify themselves as “Orange County One-Stop” and not their specific agency.

18. Partner agencies each have a signed MOU and an operational agreement.

19. There are regularly scheduled meetings among partner agencies.

20. There are regularly scheduled meetings between AJCC leadership.

21. Staff development/training occurs on a regular basis.

22. There are goals and measures for the AJCC as a whole, not just individual programs.

23. The AJCC is compliant with the American for Disabilities Act?

24. The AJCC is accessible to the most prominent limited-English proficiency groups using the Center.