Oneida County Hazard Mitigation Planning Update

The Oneida County Hazard Mitigation Plan is a vital tool for disaster preparedness and response. The Plan was prepared by the Oneida County Soil and Water Conservation District in partnership with the Oneida County Department of Emergency Services. Hazard Mitigation Plans are required by FEMA for each municipality throughout the Nation. The Plan has two main objectives. First, communities must identify natural hazards of concern and estimate the potential credible worst case scenarios related to each hazard. Second, officials must establish a list of projects and practices in order to make their communities more disaster-ready. Projects, called mitigation strategies, can include things like removing structures that are repetitively damaged by flooding, re-sizing culverts that are frequently damaged by stormwater, or educating residents on emergency kits. The Oneida County Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved by FEMA in 2008. The Soil and Water Conservation District and County Emergency Services are currently in the process of completing the required 5 year update. We are asking for your help in this task. Please take 5 minutes to complete the Hazard Mitigation Plan Survey. Your responses will help us to understand and better describe local hazards of concern and potential projects that will improve disaster preparedness.

Responses can be collected in a variety of ways. You can complete the survey at no cost online at Your response will be forwarded to us at the SWCD. Paper copies of the survey can be obtained at your local municipal office. Surveys are being collected at the municipal office. Surveys can also be faxed to the SWCD at 736-3335. If you have any questions about the Hazard Mitigation Plan Survey or the Plan itself, please feel free to contact me at the SWCD at 736-3334.

Thank you for your input!

Jo-Anne Humphreys, Oneida County SWCD