1. Informed Consent Form

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14% of survey complete.
Purpose of Research
The purpose of this study is to examine why individuals with a clinical diagnosis of OCD often experience feelings of guilt. The results of this study are intended to improve treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This study is being conducted to fulfill the requirements for my dissertation as a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Adler University.

If you choose to participate in this study, I will ask you to complete online surveys that assess for OCD symptoms, characteristics of guilt, and thought patterns. This study will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  First, I will provide you with a screener to assess for the presence of OCD symptoms. This screener will provide you with scenarios, and ask you to rate how much each experience has bothered you over the past month. This screener does not indicate that you do or do not have a diagnosis of OCD. If you are concerned about a potential diagnosis of OCD, we recommend that you use the resources listed at the end of the consent form to locate a treatment provider in your area. In order to measure guilt, I will present you with hypothetical scenarios and will ask you to indicate the likelihood that you would react in the way described. Finally, to assess thought patterns I will provide you with potential thoughts and ask you to rate how much you agree with the thoughts.

You may indirectly benefit by participating in this study by knowing that your responses could contribute to the overall knowledge of the relationship between OCD, guilt, and thought patterns. The results may help improve treatment of OCD by encouraging treatment providers to address an individual’s thought patterns and feelings of guilt as motivators for engaging in OCD behaviors. An additional indirect benefit is that by participating in the study, you may decide to explore the possibility that you may have OCD. With the resources provided, you may seek help regarding this possibility.

Risks or foreseeable discomforts to you as a participant
This study poses moderate risk to all participants because the questions about guilt and OCD may be distressing to you. If so, you have the right to skip questions or to withdraw from the study at any time. If you are concerned about participating in this study, you may need to discuss these concerns with your current treatment provider or refer to the list of resources to find a treatment provider. These resources are listed at end of consent form and at the end of the survey itself.