Fellowship Nights at Ocean Breeze Waterpark
Churches and worship groups can enroll in our Fellowship Nights to provide their members with exclusive discounts on admission and a dinner at the waterpark.  
Admission is only $14.99 for ages 3 & up and a Dinner Voucher can be added on for only $9.99!  Fellowship Nights Admission is only valid 2 PM - 7 PM.  Fellowship Nights will be held on the following dates during the 2020 Season: July 6th, July 19th, August 6th, and August 16th.

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1. Fellowship admission is only valid after 2 PM on specified Fellowship Event Dates. 

2. All tickets are subject to all applicable restrictions, limitations, park rules and regulations.  All ticket sales are final, and Ocean Breeze Waterpark does not offer refunds on ticket purchases.

3. Organization agrees to promote the program to eligible members through their designated organization communication channels, such as email, posting signs in member common spaces, and/or listing on the organization intranet site. Organization agrees this is not an offer that can be promoted to the general public and will not share the offer on public social media sites. Organization agrees not to tag Ocean Breeze Waterpark on social media posts while promoting this offer.
4. Ocean Breeze Waterpark will provide digital promotional materials upon request at no cost to the Organization.  If the Organization wishes to create their own promotional materials, they must receive the approval of Ocean Breeze Waterpark prior to distributing.

5. Fellowship admission and dinner are only available for purchase online using the organization’s assigned promotional code. 

6. Ocean Breeze Waterpark has the right to change the pricing above with written notice to the Organization at any time.  If this should happen, a new agreement reflecting the price change will be issued.

7. Prices above do not include 10% City of Virginia Beach sales tax or $1.25 online service fee.

8. Ocean Breeze Waterpark has the right to cancel this agreement with written notice to the Organization at any time.  Any tickets purchased prior to the cancellation will be honored at the park.

9. Any changes, additions or deletion to this contract will be considered an offer and not binding until accepted by the undersigned at Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

10. Agreement of the Organization to all foregoing terms and conditions is indicated by signature below.  This agreement becomes effective only when signed, received and approved by Ocean Breeze Waterpark, whereupon it shall become a binding contract between the parties here under in accordance with its terms and conditions.

Enrollment in Fellowship Nights is based on Ocean Breeze Waterpark approval.  An Ocean Breeze Waterpark Representative will contact you to finalize your Fellowship registration and provide promotional materials.  You will be provided with an exclusive access code that can be shared with the Church & Worship community to access these exclusive discounts on admission and Dinner Vouchers!

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