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Under an initiative funded by the Maine Community Foundation, the Town of Oakland is reviewing its broadband infrastructure and planning for future technology needs. We need your help to achieve our mission effectively.

Your input will aid us, the Oakland Broadband and Technology Committee (OBTC), in completing our mission by providing valuable feedback on current internet packages and on how your needs may be better served.

We greatly appreciate your participation in OBTC's take-rate survey, and we thank you in advance for helping us to maintain Oakland's high quality of life as our technology needs change. 
*Please be sure to take the survey while in your Oakland home or business*

What is a Take-Rate Survey?
It is a way to identify the advantages and disadvantages of current internet service offers and of defining how many businesses and residents would be interested in using other internet service offers that may become available in the future.
Survey results are used to evaluate internet service provider (ISP) offers and to attract ISPs to partner on municipal broadband initiatives. Additionally, the data resulting from the survey will better position the Town of Oakland for future grant funding opportunities.

How Do I Prepare for a Take-Rate Survey?
The take-rate survey will ask questions about your current internet service package, including speed and pricing. Before taking the survey, you’ll want to:

·Pull your recent internet service bill
·Test your internet speed. You can do this by:
       1. Entering “internet speed test” into your Google search bar and clicking “run speed test”. Be sure to record both download and upload speeds.
       2. Navigating to and recording your results. Be sure to click “show more info” to see your upload speed as well.
*Please be sure to take the survey while in your Oakland home or business* 

Why Should I Respond to a Take-Rate Survey?
If businesses and residents indicate that a town should improve its broadband infrastructure, their responses to a take-rate survey can incentivize internet service providers to invest in faster, more reliable internet.

Community Benefit
·A sustained high quality of life
·More efficient, cost-effective operations for local businesses
·Attract new businesses to the downtown district
·Support tele-medicine programs
·Informed decision-making to respond to the needs of businesses and residents
·Prepare for state and/or federal grant funding opportunities

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